We can upgrade any old vision system, CMM and optical comparator. Any brand, any model !!

VIsion Systems:

With the new Quadra-Chek you will be able to grab points with automatic edge detection. This means no more operator error or lots of variation. The new DRO will be able to perform basic and advance measurements, it will save images and reports. The DRO is an 8″ color LCD touch screen with USB output. Most common old systems out there are: Acu-Gage, Deltronics, ST industires and Micro-Vu.


If you have an old CMM and want to upgrade the software we can install the new IK500 PC based software. It will do basic and advance measurements. It will work with most manual or indexable probe heads. Most common old CMM out there are: Mitutoyo and Brown and Sharp Gage 200.

Optical Comparators:

If you have the old Quadra-Chek installed on your comparator we can upgrade it to the new model. This will allow you to measure: radius, angles, diameters, distances, midpoints, tangent points, intersection points, concentricity, true position and more. Besides that, you can save the data, print a tolerance report and see a visual representation of the points taken. We can even integrate an Optical Edge Detection so points are taken automatically by the software resulting in a better accurate and more repeatable result.