Metrology Products

Vision Systems

Video systems are the fastest and easiest to measure small 2D parts. Add a touch probe to measure holes or large parts. We can train your people to start doing routings in 1 day. Metlogix M3 is the easiest software in the market today. Digital overlays, wire insulation module & thread module available. Lead times are 8 weeks on any model.

Manual version​

MVR200 4” x 8”

MVR300 8” x 12”

CNC Models

AVR200 4” x 8” 

AVR300 8” x 12”

AVX550 16” x 22”

Optical Comparators

Starrett is well known for its optical comparators line. Great quality and price distinguish them. Wide range of sizes available. All LED lighting that last years. Most popular are:

  • HE400 16” screen, 4” x 10” travel (usually in stock)
  • HB400 16” screen, 6” x 16” travel 
  • HF600 24” screen, 8” x 12” travel 
  • HF750 30” screen, 8” x 12” travel

*extended travel version available 8” x 20”​
*motor drive option available 

Metlogix controller box “quadra-chek” is now touch screen and can do all the GD&T functions. 

Flip Vision System

This system has a telecentric lens with almost 3.6” of FOV (the largest in the market). This is our “Keyence” version. It will measure multiple parts in seconds without alignment. Key points to remember:

  • Fast installation, local support (5-10 days after receiving the unit)
  • Real Renishaw touch probe available (not a hard probe) for 3D measurements
  • Large 22” touch screen monitor
  • Comes with a glass reticle for calibration (you don’t have to send it anywhere)
  • You can “flip” it and it becomes a horizontal unit (for shafts) or vertical (for flat parts)Real “heavy duty” system for the production line

* Larger stage available (4” x 8” & 8” x 12”)

Video Optical Comparators

This impressive unit is an optical comparator with a video camera and a 22” touchscreen monitor. Perfect for production line. Great surface LED lighting and image. You are not looking at shadows no more. All GD&T functions and reports. Manual and CNC versions available. You can measure in 3 axis + digital angles or use digital CAD overlays as well. 

  • HDV300 6” x 12”
  • HDV400 6” x 16”
  • HDV500 8” x 20”

*extended travel available up to 6” x 22”


We have a wide range of sizes. Did you know the PH20 head only needs to be calibrated once and it can measure in any angle? We also carry manual CMM’s under 40k for entry level applications.

Available sizes:

  • 6.5.5
  • 7.7.5
  • 10.7.5
  • 12.9.7
  • 15.9.7

* Larger sizes available upon request.

3D Scanner

The easiest way to do reverse engineering. Just scan in seconds and get a full 3D CAD of your part. Compare the scanned data to the actual CAD file to see a color map. It is portable and weights just a few pounds. 


  • Resolution .025mm
  • 11 blue laser crosses
  • Scanning rate 2,020,000 measurements/s

Material Testing

We carry the most popular force testers. The motorized stands run automated software that can do routines. Elongation, peak, spring testing, hold testing, peel testing and more. Capacity goes from: 1.5 kN (300 lbs) up to 50 kN. We have manual grips, vice grips and pneumatic grips. 

Inspection Systems

We carry the most popular digital and optical stereo microscopes. Digital microscopes can display current magnification on the screen. Powerful 300x magnification on a 22” screen. Can save pictures without the need of a pc directly into an SD card. Optical microscope are affordable and can also accommodate for a digital camara (trinocular version) with a small compact 11” screen attached to the stand. Fast delivery, custom stand design and no loose cables is what distinguish our products from the rest. 


We can do retrofits to any old optical comparator or video system. The Metlogix box “quadra-chek” is now touchscreen, coolant proof and can do all the GD&T functions. Compact powerful and very easy to use. Can be upgraded from the basic version to the most advance version with a simple code (no need to replace hardware).

MX100 basic model X and Y functions

MX200 advance model with all GD&T functions


The best and most affordable way to measure small radius, angles or distances is with a profilometer. We have one of the best quality and easy to use solution. 

Travel in X

Measuting range Z

Column Travel

Z Resolution





0.2 micron




320 or 520mm

0.1 micron

Measuring tools and Gages

We carry all measuring tools from the most popular brands Mitutoyo, Starrett, Tesa, Mahr, Fowler, Sylvac, Bowers, Trimos, Diatest. Tools like calipers, micrometers, height gages, indicators, gage blocks, granite stands, roughness testers, hardness testers etc. We carry a variety of plug gages, ring gages, thread gages you name it we have it all. Special threads, carbide XX, steel, chrome plated, extra-long and more. Gages is the easiest way to measure on production line.